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Jameis Winston NFL Analysts Predictions

Both Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith both think Jameis will be a stud.

Greg Cossell would take Zach Mettenberger over Jameis Winston.

Benjamin Allbright – I see Jameis Winston topping out as a mid-tier NFL starter, but I certainly would not take Mettenberger over him.

Bill Polian
– “Both guys have a chance to be successful [but] the bottom line is … adversity will come,” Bill Polian says. “I’ve got to go with the more sure thing in my mind—Mariota.”

Ron Wolf – “I’ve seen Mariota on tape—I’d have to see a lot more of him—and I’ve seen Winston in-person and on tape,’’ “I’ve been exposed to Winston more. I watched Winston versus Miami before the game, down on the field, and then will his team back from a 16-point deficit. He’s an imposing guy. He has everything you’d want in a quarterback. I thought he was superb. What I know about Winston I like a lot. I’d take him in a heartbeat.”

Jason McIntyre – If this is about the Jets, NO. I wouldn’t. Jameis Winston, 21, filthy rich in NYC? Unmitigated disaster. Been saying for months I’d never take Winston 1st.

Mike Mayock – Has trust issues with Jameis Winston and would take Mariota #1

Ron Jaworski believes both Winston and Mariota will be good QB’s but believes that Tampa Bay will take Mariota because he is a better fit.
Merril Hoge – Jameis Winston is a fat, slow, and lumbering athlete that will stress an NFL offense that defenses will exploit.
ESPN QBASE stat has Jameis at 61% bust.
Carlie Casserly – “I think he’s better than RG3, better than Cam Newton, better than Blake Bortles,” “I do not think he’s as good as Matt Stafford or Sam Bradford, who were also picked first.”
Todd McShay – McShay grades him behind only Andrew Luck amongst QB prospects in the past 10 years, and on the same level as Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan as prospects. “If you limit it to the tape, Winston is the clear choice over Mariota,” “Based purely on his tape, he’s in the same class as Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan as the best quarterback prospects to enter the NFL outside of Andrew Luck,”
Daniel Jeremiah – “I’ve compared him to Ben Roethlisberger before, but the more I think about it, another name comes to mind, and that is Philip Rivers,” “The guys have unorthodox deliveries, guys that are not shy and like to talk a little bit and have that confidence. I think they’re similar football players, and Jameis Winston could have a career, at his best, like Philip Rivers.”
Lance Zierlein – Ranks Jameis as his #1 QB. “Winston is a big, highly competitive pocket passer who played in a pro-style offense and showed an ability to anticipate throwing windows, scan the entire field and make the NFL throws,” “His wind-up delivery and marginal mobility outside the pocket are reminiscent of Byron Leftwich, but his arm talent and issues with decision making are more in line with Eli Manning’s.”
Joel Klatt – “It doesn’t matter where the value is,” “If he is on the board in the sixth round, I’d be looking in a different direction for my quarterback…”

Joel Klatt – really doesn’t like Jameis”If I had to put my finger on the player that is the most overrated, I’d go with Jameis Winston.”

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